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“DocDigitalSoft” is medical management software which helps doctors to keep record of their patient, make appointment and generate digital print out of reports. “DocDigitalSoft” application is desktop based application which installs on doctors pc or laptop or notebook. 

This is a comprehensive application which helps doctors to automate their patient records and their medical treatment at their own machine, which would be access at any given point of time. As a name “DocDigitalSoft” explain itself its own value and quality by making patient records digital in today’s electronic world. 

Today if we try to figure out the main problematic area of our experts, they are facing so many problems while trying to review old medial treatment of their patient so that they start treatment fast and give right prescription. “DocDigitalSoft” gives all solutions of above problem. 4docsearchdigital provides following features:

  • Quick Registration
  • Patient Medial History
  • Quick prescription
  • Digital Report 
  • Appointment creation 
  • List of today patient visiting
  • Easy to use

Quick Registrations

This is one of the best feature of the product. This product provide easy interface to register patient quickly. Once patient register with this product our medical experts gets very easy interface to prescribes medicine. After registering patient doctors have lists of their patient within their databases, which can refer easily for future use.

Patient Medical History

This is the second best feature of this product which give last all visited history of this patient who has consulted there. It would help doctors to track all patient treatment which is done by him and the medicine which he/she has prescribed. These details also provide medical tests, suggestions/precautions, medicine which he/she suggested as on different conditions.

Quick Prescription

Quick Prescription is the process in which medical expert prescribes medicine quickly on the basis of patient medical history which is stored in their databases. The unique features of history log of this product give this functionality. From the past treatment report it would helps them to recall all older treatment and then take any action.

Digital Report

4docsearchdigital provides digital Report to the patient on doctor's letter head. Using this features it reduce typo mistakes, easy to read every prescribe medicine to patient and medical store and can take multiple printout of single treatment at one go. Digital report is well formatted and can be also accessible on more than one machine of it installed on network.

Appointment Creation

This is an additional feature of this product which allows user to create appointment of their daily activities or patient who planned to visit on particular date. Auto alert of this features, alerts doctors or medical experts every morning about created appointment in their busy schedule.

List of today patient visiting

This product have a panel where you can find list of patient who may be visit today on the basis of next visit date which entered in their last prescription letter. By list of these details doctors make prepare him for the day as how much busies he/she will be for the day.

Easy to use

The smart UI design of this product provide very comfortable to use. Every pages has good enough navigation to switch from one page to another. At any given point of time you can access information quickly and easy. This will make life simpler and easier and very comfortable to use. Unique search feature of this product provide list of patient by any parameter i.e. By Name, By Contact Number, By last Visited Date and by small info of address. It will completely remove manual activity which had happened in late centuries. Today in digital world our effort is to make life simpler and better.


DocDigitalWeb is web based online application which can be access across the world wide. This will list all the medical experts across the country. DocDigitalWeb provide quick and easy way to locate your nearest medical experts from all over the domain. We have a huge database of all experts from the country.

DocDigitalWeb has following feature which promising one of the best website for doctors and patient.

For Doctors:

  • Own web Portfolio
  • Quick registration
  • Received online appointment

For Patient:

  • List of medical experts across the city
  • Take appointment online
  • Selective top expert’s testimonials/Case Study
For Doctor
Own web portfolio

This website provide unique feature by giving medical experts their own web portfolio. Any doctors, who wish to have their own website, can make it available at very nominal cost. Their web site will be available across the county without any addition charges.
In their web portfolio its has following feature:

  1. Doctor Profile
  2. Achievements
  3. Awards
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Video Gallery
  6. Online Appointmet Service
  7. And Much More...
Quick Registrations

In effort to make registration process simple and easy we have just put three files to enter when doctors registering him self. The easy process makes him/her very comfortable so that patient can search them easily.

Received Online Appointment:

DocDigitalWeb provide online appoint functionality for doctors. Any patient sends their appointment request online at doctors’ registered email address or on their registered mobile. Once doctors received request he/she can directly confirm the appointment by replying the mail or replying the SMS.  

For Patient
List of medical experts across the city

DocDigitalWeb provide list of medical experts across the city. Patient can easily search list of doctors at our website. A huge list of doctors across the country can helps them to location their doctors near by its locality.

Take appointment online

The main feature of this product is fixing online appointment. Here patient can easily fix appointment with medical experts easily. When patient submit their request to fix an appointment, a email and SMS would be sent to the doctors which is register with our website. Doctors either reply to that SMS or reply that mail.

Selective top expert's testimonials/Case study

Patient and user can also find here selective testimonials which are presented by doctors. This testimonial will help user or patient to decide which doctors is suitable for him/her.



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